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Cough Assist


The Cough Assist device is an excellent tool for patients that may have trouble mobilizing mucous and secretions from their lungs.

Patients with Neuromuscular Disease can gain a particularly good result using the Cough Assist.  The newest Cough Assist device is the Philips Respironics T70.  The T70 is small, lightweight and easy to use.  It can be used non-invasively with a mask or mouthpiece and it can be used through a tracheostomy tube. 











The T70 helps patients to take a deep inspiration and then it follows with a negative pressure on exhalation.  In this way, it helps the patient to mimic a good, strong cough.  The T70 can be preset with up to three different pressure settings so that the patient can choose the support they need any and every time.  An effective cough helps keep mucous out of the lungs comfortably while reducing the chance for pulmonary infections.


For patients that have a tracheostomy tube, the Cough Assist is even more effective then endotracheal suctioning.  It is certainly more comfortable than suctioning!  Patients that routinely use their Cough Assist device may also see an improvement in blood oxygen levels, especially when using the “breath stacking” technique that we can teach you. 

When used together, the T70 and Trilogy provide a powerful 1-2 punch to help patients with Neuromuscular Disease!  The Cough Assist is covered by most insurance companies and it requires a prescription from your physician.


Check out this instructional video on the Cough Assist!

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