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Home Ventilators


At Respiratory Quality Services, ventilators are our specialty.  We are a company of Respiratory Therapists and we only use the best ventilators available for our patients!


Here are the ventilators that we prefer:


Philips Respironics Trilogy 













The Trilogy ventilator is a versatile device that provides all of the necessary modes of ventilation in a lightweight, easy to use package.  Including the rechargeable battery that is included, the entire machine weighs about 10 pounds.  In most cases, the Trilogy can be used with a single limb circuit that helps to reduce weight and minimize leak, it also makes the circuit easier to change.  The Trilogy can be used for both invasive and non-invasive applications and it can be programmed with primary and secondary settings to give maximum flexibility.


We generally prefer to mount the Trilogy on a rolling stand so it looks like this: 














If you combine the internal and external battery, you can get about 6 hours of use before you need to recharge.  The external battery is small and easy to change when needed. 



CareFusion LTV1150 












We are also able to provide the CareFusion LTV 1150 ventilator at the request of your physician.  The LTV 1150 is capable of providing ventilation with a variety of modes and it can be used as an invasive or non-invasive application. 

The LTV 1150 is equipped with a battery pack that can provide around 6 hours of usage before recharging.  We generally prefer to mount the LTV 1150 on a rolling stand.

Our Respiratory Therapy team is experienced in serving patients on all types of ventilators.





























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Our Respiratory Therapists can help you understand your home ventilations needs. 




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