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Supply Replacement


In order to keep your Sleep and Respiratory equipment functioning at its best, you need to perform routine maintenance and replace disposable supplies as they are needed.   Respiratory Quality Services can provide you with the needed maintenance and disposable supply items when you are ready. 


In most cases, your insurance company will pay for the supplies that you need as long as you are using your therapy as prescribed.  You do need a doctor’s prescription for medical supplies so it is important that you visit your physician at their recommended interval so that they can help you manage your therapy properly.  Medicare posts a replacement schedule that is followed by many other insurance providers.  You should only replace your equipment when it no longer functions optimally.  For a list of the various items that are regularly replaced, along with the maximum recommended replacement frequency, please check the PAP replacement schedule.


The best way to provide good maintenance is to check and clean your equipment regularly.  Inlet filters on the Trilogy ventilator, the System One PAP devices and the Cough Assist device are all easily cleaned.  Every machine has a filter that is easy to replace when it is dirty.  A clean filter is a great way to keep your equipment running properly for a very long time. 

Please visit our page on cleaning and maintenance for information on properly caring for your equipment.

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