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Clinician FAQ's


Q:  What is your coverage area? 

A:  We provide Sleep Therapy services for patient in and around the Greater Houston area.  We do have an extended coverage area for patients requiring a ventilator.  Please click our COVERAGE page to see a map of our ventilator coverage area.  If you have a specific patient in mind, please call us at (713) 349-9008

Q:  What insurance plans do you accept?

A:  We enjoy “IN NETWORK” status with BCBS PPO plans, Molina, Scott & White Health plan, United Healthcare and Tricare.  We do accept Medicare for patients requiring ventilation but we do not accept Medicare for Sleep Therapy or Oxygen patients.  We do accept “OUT OF NETWORK” benefits for many patients.  Please call our office if you have a specific question about insurance coverage

Q:  How soon can you get service to my patient?

A:  Once we have the required elements to get started, we can often get service started that day.  It is unusual that we would need more than 24 hours to start providing your patient with opportunities to schedule.  We can make hospital visits prior to discharge for patients that require in home ventilation.

Q:  I want to monitor my sleep patients remotely, can you set that up?

A:  Yes.  We put every patient on a wireless modem to facilitate remote monitoring. 

Q:  I want to prescribe equipment that is not listed on your website.  Can you provide items not listed on your site? 

A:  Yes.  We update our equipment inventory frequently.  Please call us if you have a specific request.  While we don’t have an exhaustive inventory, we will try to accommodate your specific requests.


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