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Customer Rights

1.     You have the right to be treated fairly with courtesy and respect.

2.     You have the right to quality homecare equipment services regardless of race, creed, religion, sex, or source of payment.

3.     You have the right to request and receive a detailed explanation of your bill for products and services.

4.     You have the right to be allowed reasonable participation in decisions regarding your home care services.

5.     You have the right to be communicated with in a way that you can reasonably understand.

6.     You have the right to choose your provider for home care services.

7.     You have the right to receive home care services in a timely manner, appropriate for your needs..

8.     You have the right to be assured of confidentiality, to review your records, and to approve or refuse the release of records.

9.     You have the right to have competent and qualified people carry out the services for which they are responsible.

10.   You have the right to voice your grievances and recommend changes in policies and services.

11.   You have the right to be given reasonable notice of discontinuation of services.

12.   Please note as the client, your information may be subject to outside review, when required by law, for appropriate billing purposes, or when requested by organizations authorized by the client.


Customer Responsibilities

1.     To provide to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information.

2.     To follow the plan of care or service recommended by your physician.

3.     To care for, use as instructed and return rental equipment in good condition, normal wear and tear expected.

4.     To pay for the replacement costs of any equipment damaged, destroyed or lost due to misuse, abuse or neglect.

5.     To notify Respiratory Quality Services of any equipment malfunction or defect, and allow company technicians to                           enter the premises to repair, relocate, or provide substitute equipment.

6.     To be responsible for any payment not paid by your insurance company, except where not allowed by law.

7.     To make it known that you clearly understand the equipment and services being provided.

8.     To advise Respiratory Quality Services of any changes in your status, including address, 
        medical condition, etc.

9.     To understand that the TERM OF ALL RENTALS shall repeat on the monthly anniversary date of the original rental                         and that no rental of less than a full month shall be charged.  Further, only one month of rental is to be applied toward               the purchase price of equipment.



Respiratory Quality Services keeps an active complaint/grievance log book at their office.  If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our service or equipment, please feel free to file a grievance.  Any complaint will be logged with the grievance committee and the outcome/resolution willbe handled accordingly.


Please contact:

Respiratory Quality Services 9315-B Kirby Drive Houston, TX  77054

ATTN:  Grievance Dept.

Phone:  713-349-9008

Fax:  713-218-0774

Toll Free:  1-877-449-7377

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