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Who We Are

RQS Team


Respiratory Quality Services is a company of Respiratory Therapists.  Every person that visits one of our patients is a Respiratory Therapist.  We are a company with deep roots in Texas and Louisiana and we care for people like they are a member of our family.

Take a look at the MEET THE STAFF to meet the members of the RQS family



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Patients Come First

  "At RQS, our patients come first.  We are a service driven company, and we have built our reputation on great and timely service.  We have RRT staff on call and available for our patients 24/7/365"

Don't forget the Caregiver

We know how challenging it is to care for a patient with a debilitating disease.  Here at RQS, we make the extra effort to help the caregiver provide for their loved ones.  We are there to provide support when it is needed the most. 



The Best of Both Worlds

Leading Edge

At RQS, we remain dedicated in the use of new technological devices and advances that improve the quality and safety of care to our patients. We have been actively involved with several manufacturers assisting them in the research and development of healthcare equipment. These are some of the numerous methods utilized by RQS to seek excellence in everything we do.

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