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Equipment Cleaning


It is important to clean your equipment regularly.  Take a look at the tips below for information on the best way to keep your equipment clean so that it functions properly.


PAP and NIV Masks

  • A clean cushion helps to provide a better seal.   For daily cleaning, you can use a mask wipe to clean your cushion.  If you don’t have mask wipes, a clean damp towel can help remove accumulated oils and dirt from the mask cushion.

  • For a more thorough cleaning, you can disassemble the mask by removing the cushion and headgear.  Be sure to remember how to put it back together!  It may be helpful to take a picture of the mask before you take it apart.  Once you have it disassembled, these items should be cleaned with mild soapy water, do not use chemicals.  You should gently wipe the mask parts dry with a clean towel and then leave them to air dry.  You should consider this type of cleaning about once a week.


  • Always avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your equipment.  Chemicals can cause skin irritation and they can leave a permanent smell in your machine!   Tubing can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water.  Hang the tubing in the shower to dry.  Water will not hurt your PAP or ventilator tubing. 

  • Ventilator Tubing for the Trilogy ventilator is designed to be replaced when it is dirty. You should not attempt to clean the inside of the ventilator tubing.

  • Heated wire tubing can be cleaned in the same manner as the standard tubing.  Once again, do not use chemical cleaning solutions.  If you are concerned that your tubing is contaminated beyond your ability to clean it, you should just replace it. 

Humidifier Chambers

  • PAP humidifier chambers should be taken apart and cleaned from time- to- time so that mineral deposits do not form inside the chamber. If you use distilled water in the chamber these deposits will rarely be an issue.   A weekly cleaning is usually sufficient.  When cleaning your chamber, use mild soapy water and a gentle brush to clean the chamber and then allow it to air dry.  The PAP humidifier chambers are top rack dishwasher safe if you want to choose that option.  If you see any type of buildup inside the chamber that is not easily cleaned, you should consider replacing the chamber.

  • Ventilator humidifier chambers are not designed for cleaning.  It is important to remember that these chambers are disposable.  If your ventilator chamber becomes contaminated, replace it immediately.  You should always use distilled water when filling your ventilator humidifier chamber. 












Cleaning the outside of your PAP machine or Ventilator

  • Always unplug your machine before you begin cleaning the outside.  NEVER submerge your machine in water at any time. 

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the outside of your machine.  Chemicals are not necessary and should not be used. 

  • Use caution when cleaning the view screen on your device, Excess water on the view screen may cause damage.

Tracheostomy Tubes

Please refer to the tracheostomy care page for information on cleaning your tracheostomy tube and maintaining a healthy stoma site.


Please take a look at this video for information on cleaning and maintenance for your System One PAP device: 



















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