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Home Oxygen Therapy


There are many reasons why a patient may need supplemental oxygen.  Lung disease can reduce lung function significantly which may result in low blood oxygen levels.  Low blood oxygen, or hypoxemia, is the reason why oxygen therapy is prescribed.  There are many important things to remember if you are given a prescription for home oxygen.


  • It is important to know how to properly maintain your equipment.  Even a small decrease in the efficiency of your oxygen device can lead to ineffective therapy


  • Oxygen vigorously accelerates combustion.  Always keep oxygen away from open flames and heat sources!


  • It is helpful to know how to properly measure your blood oxygen level  using a pulse oximeter.  This measurement, known as SpO2, is the good way to know if you are receiving proper therapy.


  • If you need to travel with your oxygen device, be sure to plan ahead.  If you are flying, you need to be sure that you can bring your device aboard the plane.  If you are traveling by car, you need to make sure that you have the proper attachments so that you can power your device using the car charging outlets. 


  • Be sure to have a backup plan for instances when you lose power.  It is important to have an alternate power source for your concentrator if you are oxygen dependent.  It is always a good idea to keep compressed oxygen cylinders on hand for emergencies.  

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