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If you have Sleep Disordered Breathing, your physician may prescribe a CPAP or BiPAP device for you to wear when you sleep.  These devices have been the gold standard for treating sleep apnea for over 20 years. 


Respiratory Quality Services provides only the best CPAP and BiPAP devices available.  We prefer to use the Philips Respironics Dream Station sleep therapy devices.  Dream Station devices are reliable, quiet and easy to use.  We only use the premium devices for our patients despite the increased costs that we absorb by doing so.


For our CPAP patients we use the Dream Station Pro.  This device records all of the usage and clinical data that your physician will need to optimize your therapy.  Each Dream Station Pro is paired with a wireless modem that allows two way communication between the device and the caregiver.  This combination allows us to provide the ultimate patient care and service for you.

For our BiPAP patients, we use the Dream Station BiPAP Auto.  The BiPAP Auto is the most technologically advanced PAP therapy device available.  As with the Dream Station Pro, we always pair the BiPAP Auto with a wireless modem so that we can provide the best possible service.













Choosing the correct PAP mask, or patient interface, is the most important consideration for a patient wearing a CPAP or BiPAP.  There are many different brands and styles available to suit every patient need.  PAP masks generally come in one of three basic configurations. 


Nasal masks- Nasal masks are the most popular type of mask because they are comfortable and they provide a leak free seal very easily.  These masks are designed to fit over the nose only.  Because of this, you need to learn to keep your mouth closed while wearing the mask.  For most people, this takes a little practice before the skill is mastered.  Here are some examples of the nasal masks that we carry:


Respironics Wisp

ResMed N10

Respironics Pico

Respironics Comfort Gel Blue


Nasal pillows masks- Nasal pillows masks are designed to fit comfortably under the nose.  This style is very popular because it is small and light weight.  Many patients feel like this style of mask is the most attractive style because it covers only a small part of the face.  However, a pillows mask may not be the right choice for patients with higher pressures or nasal allergies.  Please be sure to consult your Respiratory Therapist before considering this type of interface.  Here are some examples of the nasal pillows masks that we carry:


ResMed Swift

Respironics Nuance

ResMed P10


Full Face masks- Full face masks are generally reserved for patients that either cannot breathe through their nose or they are completely unable to sleep with their mouth closed.  Since Full Face masks are the largest and heaviest mask style, they are generally the most difficult to seal without leak.  Be sure to consult your Respiratory Therapist before considering a full face mask.  Here are some examples of the full face masks that we carry


Respironics Amara View

ResMed F10

Respironics Fit Life

ResMed Quattro


The Respiratory Therapists here at Respiratory Quality Services are very skilled at helping you choose the mask that is right for you.

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